1 Anonymous: are nick dobbs and brooke hyland dating?

Hmm not sureĀ 

0 Anonymous: so do u like brooke, like sexually?

No?I’m just a fan

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brooke’s diving front walkover ! my fave acro trick :) my gif
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Maddie in the grey/silver, Kendall in the blue, Brooke in the yellow. Also, Brooke never got back to me, so she didn’t do anything

Reblogging for the song. If you haven’t heard it go youtube it now.
Actually here’s a link.
Listen to it please he’s amazing<3
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1 Anonymous: Who's the boy in the picture with Brooke? The one where Brooke is kissing his cheek while he's taking a pic with her?

Nick Dobbs! :D

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inlove with brooke’s outfit <33
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